Hiking and trekking Morocco,

Morocco is a great destination with wonderful trails, wild mountains and fascinating people. Trekking in the Mountains is one of the very best things Morocco has to offer. All of our tours travel to remote, off the beaten track areas, and to traditional Berber villages populated by friendly local people living a life that has been changed little over hundreds of years. If you want to trek during the summer, head for the High Atlas to climb either Toubkal (4167m) North Africa’s highest peak, or Jebel Mgoun (4071m) North Africa’s second peak, or both. In the winter we head further south to walk in the Anti-Atlas or Jebel Saghro ranges. This is a popular option for those new to trekking or looking for a gentle holiday which combines the best of rural Morocco and the vibrant city of Marrakech.

Trekking in and around Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains is the type of travel experience that will stick with you for a life time, and you will be among the favored travelers who share in this wonderful little secret.