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Direct cheap flights from Frankfurt to Marrakesh , By Air Arabia Morocco

Direct cheap flights from Frankfurt to Marrakesh

Air Arabia Morocco, the region’s leading low cost carrier, today announced the launch of direct flights between Frankfurt and Marrakesh, in-line with the airline’s continues network expansion strategy within Europe. In the past five months, Air Arabia Morocco has launched 6 new destinations between Europe and Morocco: Flights to one of the most iconic cities […]

El Morocco

el Morocco

Recognising the spell Morocco’s winding medina lanes, carpet-piled souks and High Atlas peaks have cast on travellers since the hippy-trail days, the country’s tourist industry aimed to attract 10 million visitors annually by 2010. Five years later, the industry is halfway to its next staging post of 2020, hoping to double tourist arrivals to 20 […]

Morocco,Exploring Remnants of Jewish History & heritage

Jewish History & heritage

Although as many as 240,000 Jews lived in Morocco as recently as the 1940s, only around 3,000 remain in the country today. Youness and I had not come to look for the Jews; we had come to look for the traces they left behind. These traces, whether in buildings or objects, or less tangibly in […]

Morocco, Festivals and Events

Morocco, Festivals and Events

November Tan Tan Moussem This is a traditional festival gathering, of nomadic tribal members who come together in celebration of their culture and religion. The event takes place towards the end of November or beginning of December in the town of Tan Tan, to the south of Morocco Eid Al Adha Festival During this annual […]

Fez a window to an ancient life


WITH more than 9,500 alleyways, minaret-topped mosques and living historical souks, the 1,200-year-old Medina in the Moroccan city of Fez radiates energy from the past. The rhythmic hammer-music of cobblers, stone chisellers and copper workers bounces between buildings so tightly packed together it seems they were hewed from a single stone. Visitors are sure to […]

Erg Chegaga Standard Camp

chegaga morocco desert camp33

Erg Chegaga is considered as the “real” Sahara Desert with it’s authentic rustic colored sand dunes and unique flora and fauna. If you are looking for an unforgettble joureny and also stay to escape the city lights and find yourselves literally in the middle of no where. Our Erg Chegaga camp which is located t […]

Morocco desert trip: Camels and casbahs


ERG CHEBBI, Morocco — The bright black silhouettes of our three-camel caravan shone against a tall sand dune like a background drawing of the Three Kings in a Nativity scene. While Georgie, as I had nicknamed my blonde dromedary camel, plodded through this remote corner of Morocco at the edge of the Saharan Desert, I […]