Dakhla: New Amazing destination for surfers and beach lovers

dakhla morocco

Dakhla in the southern region of Morocco is one of country’s most attractive tourist destinations. The peninsula, which stretches into the Atlantic Ocean, offers ideal conditions for surfers and beach lovers.

With water at 25 ° throughout the year, Dakhla is a must destination and a haven for any surfer and water sports enthusiasts.

Surfing is one of the challenging sports that demand skills and physical efforts.

However, for beginners, there are some places in the world that turns this demanding sport into a very enjoyable experience.

The Moroccan city of Dakhla is an example of these places for the bountiful advantageous factors it afford, such as warm water, soft waves, easy access, and loads of expert help.

With nearly 3,500 miles of diverse beautiful coastline, last October Morocco was ranked third five best places to learn to surf in the world.


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