is it safe to travel to Morocco 2015 ?

is morocco safe 2015

is it safe to travel to Morocco 2015 ?

is morocco safe 2015 ?

The question everyone asks before coming to this beautiful country .
Below is a list of answers collected from the forum Reddit Travel
by people who have already visited the Morocco,

  1. Chance of terrorism is probably lower than in any given European city. Iraq/Syria are about as far from Morocco as Perth is to Madagascar. Chance of Ebola reaching there and becoming a threat is zero.
  2. Morocco and Algeria could be described as enemies, so all border crossings between the countries are shut and secured. Although the countries are neighbour, they are intentionally very isolated from each other
  3. Morocco is very safe. It is as open and western thinking as a Muslim country gets. Terrorisme risk seems to be fairly minimal as far as I know.
  4. Western tourists are very common and attacks against them are so rare as to be unknown really. There have been a few bombings, but there have also been bombings in London and other places you would go to without a 2nd thought. There is a possible risk but remember you are statistically more likely to be killed in a car related incident in Perth than suffer a terrorist attack  in Morocco.
  5. I’ve just left Morocco 2 days ago, I was in Casablanca and Rabat. I would say it’s perfectly fine, if you’ve only been in Australia you may find some things intimidating to begin with but that quickly passes. One thing you also have to realize is that it’s an entire world away from the likes of the situation in Syria and Ebola. It may seem incredibly close in the grand scheme of things but it really isn’t.
  6. It seems like they are being overly careful but just with anywhere be extra vigilant. Trip was awesome, didn’t make it down to Marrakech unfortunately but loved the Kasbah in Rabat. I was only there for a couple of days but definitely would love to go back and spend a whole bunch more time.



Another concern for travelers around the world is safety. Thankfully, Morocco is a very safe country to be in. This is no biased piece of Morocco travel information, as you will find plenty of honest and friendly people throughout the country. However, as with any country, carry only small amounts of money, keep your valuables hidden and hold your camera close. You should be careful in crowds and you should avoid fake guides who offer false Morocco travel information to tourists and travelers. With Sahara Experience, you will have all your guides arranged, and all of them are licensed and can help you discern fake Morocco travel information from real Morocco travel information.