Morocco, Festivals and Events

Morocco, Festivals and Events


  • Tan Tan Moussem
    This is a traditional festival gathering, of nomadic tribal members who come together in celebration of their culture and religion. The event takes place towards the end of November or beginning of December in the town of Tan Tan, to the south of Morocco
  • Eid Al Adha Festival
    During this annual festival, the Prophet Abraham is honoured with the sacrifice of a ram


  • Casablanca International Art Fair
    The art fair offers a huge selection of art forms such as sculptures and photography as well as workshops to participate in. The event takes place in the Exchange Office in Casablanca usually at the beginning of the month…


  • Marrakech International Marathon
    The marathon takes place in the beautiful setting of Marrakech and sees competitors from all over the world competing around some superb scenery to complete this gruelling marathon


  • Almond Blossom Festival
    This beautiful spectacle takes place in Tafraoute where the trees for only a short time are in full blossom and whose colours greatly admired. The festival includes singing, dancing and other performances


  • International Magic Festival
    The annual magic festival is held in Marrakech and has several performances by both international and up and coming local artists. Many of the top performers delight audiences at the Royal Theatre in Marrakech and there are plenty of magic performances on the street


  • The Sand Marathon
    The Sand Marathon is an incredibly gruelling marathon that covers 150 miles and lasts for 11 days. The marathon takes place in Ouarzazate, usually towards the beginning of April
  • Grand Prix Hassan II
    This popular event attracts some the very best players on the ATP World Tour and takes place at the Complexe Al Amal in Casablanca


  • Mawazine Festival
    This modern festival takes place in the city of Rabat and has several artists performing concerts that range from top international performers to local artists, past headliners include Elton John and Sting. Also on offer are art exhibitions and plenty of street entertainers to keep the huge crowds entertained
  • Desert Music Festival (TARAGALT)
    The Desert music Festival offers an outstanding selection of music genres that ranges from traditional Moroccan music to music from international musicians from around the world. The event takes place annually in Mhamid El Rizlan


  • Fes Sacred Music Festival
    The festival offers a wide range of traditional music performed by both Moroccan musicians and those from around the world. The event takes place in the city of Fes annually during the month of June


  • Marrakech Popular Arts Festival
    The festival features traditional Berber music, dancing, story tellers and entertainers and takes place in the vibrant and bustling city of Marrakech


  • Imilchil Marriage Festival
    This unique event is steeped in tradition and takes place in the village of Imichil close to Marrakech. The event provides local Berbers the opportunity to meet and agree to marry, with everyone wearing traditional dress along with plenty of music, dancing and loads of atmosphere, the event is usually held around August or September


  • Festival of Fantasia
    The Festival of Fantasia is a horse event that take place in Meknes usually towards the beginning of the month, and offers participants the chance to show off their horses, riding ability and timing


  • Tissa Horse Festival
    The Tissa Horse Festival is held near Fes and provides the opportunity for hundreds of riders to compete against each other and show off their beautiful mounts and skills as horsemen



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