Pokemon Go working in Morocco Marrakech

Is Pokemon Go working in Morocco & marrakech

Is Pokemon Go working in Morocco & Marrakech?

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I now it’s not available in the store but if we get it “by other means” will it work ?


Hello for all gamers out there!! Seems like we have a pack of professionals around here… Great news! Would you like to join the Ambassadors team? We are recruiting an Ambassador for each city. An ambassador will directly inform exclusive information about pokéstops/arenas-gyms and so on and so forth…

Here is the link : https://www.facebook.com/Pokemorocco/


it works fine for me, oyu just need a good GPS and internet


Works fine but not as good as in other countries, there are very few Ingress players in Morocco which translates to very few Ingress portal and thus Pokemon Go gyms and stops.

[–]GreyXenonEl Jadida/Casa/Fez

Casablanca is pretty packed actually (I’ve only played around Boulevard Mohamed V, and it had a LOT of Gyms and Pokéstops). Fès is okay around downtown too. Niantic will probably open the game for location suggestions just like they used to do in Ingress.


that’s great, I am trying to play in Marrakech and it’s pretty bad in here.

[–]GreyXenonEl Jadida/Casa/Fez

I feel you man. I live in El Jadida, and it’s pretty dead here too.

[–]Scroph 1 point

Judging by how everybody and their grandmother is posting about it on social media, I’d say yes.


All them morocooan ladies and you. Still try to catch a Pokemon do it after you had your things you know.

[–]GreyXenonEl Jadida/Casa/Fez

Works just fine. I’ve been playing since day one. Although, the experience may vary from city to another. For instance, it’s easier to play in Casablanca than in El Jadida (more Gyms, Pokéstops and pokémons).


A friend uses GPS spoofing to catch pokemons from his couch.
[–]GreyXenonEl Jadida/Casa/Fez

Yeah I heard about that. Just don’t do it on you main account if you’re planning on playing for a long period or you will get banned.


My friend was jumping around all over the globe and all over the city, but yeah, he told me that he heard about people getting banned. He doesn’t care, it’s not like his life depends on it 😉

Got it here. Works fine.


It’s available and works fine.


Should be working all over the world so just download the apk.


Yeah, just download the Apk form your usual shady apk dealer.


A friend got it by using some proxy that got APKs from the store while bypassing geo-restrictions.

Watch out for those other sites putting malware into it.

[–]GreyXenonEl Jadida/Casa/Fez

For Android, use a VPN that has USA servers. Then go to your App Manager in the settings > Look for Google Play Store > Force stop and then clear cache > Launch Google Play Store. You’ll be looking at the USA store.

below a video that shows Pokemon Go, Tangier city in northern Morocco

Is Pokemon Go working in Morocco & marrakech?


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