The 2015 International Quality Summit Award

Our company Sahar Experience was selected  to attend the convention in New York and receive the International Quality Summit.

The 2015 International Quality Summit Award

bidThe 2015 International Quality Summit Award Ceremony in New York is part of the annual program of BID Conventions. The objective of the Ceremony is to recognize the prestige of outstanding companies, organizations and entrepreneurs. This year, the Award Ceremony will take place at the hotel New York Marriott Marquis Hotel, on May 24 and 25. The Ceremony will be attended by organizational leaders from diverse sectors from around the world. The event will be covered by journalists, photographers and videographers.

During the 29th International Quality Summit Celebration, the awards will be presented in the following three categories:

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Criteria on which the International Arch of Europe is based:

  1. Excellence in Leadership and Business Management
  2. Quality and Overall Excellence
  3. Business and Brand Name Prestige
  4. Technology, Innovation and Growth

New York is the city which will welcome business leaders from all over the world to participate in an international forum at the 29th. This networking opportunity will facilitate establishing new business contacts and opportunities to spread your name in the international business world, under the endorsement of the “International Quality Summit”.

Companies from all over the world vote for winners

The information obtained about companies awarded by BID
comes from a company’s external actions, voting by the BID Council, and BID’s online survey, in compliance with the following criteria:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Communication Strategies
  • Benchmarking
  • Information and Data Analysis
  • Leadership
  • Planning and Decision-making
  • Human Resources
  • Continuous Education and Training
  • Processes and Production
  • Financial Outcome
  • Business Results
  • ISO 9000
  • TQM

The 2015 International Quality Summit Award