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Day trip to Asilah and the Caves of Hercules


During this trip you will discover the interesting caves of Hercules and the beautiful and charming city of Asilah.

The Caves of Hercules are one of the most popular tourist attractions near Tangier. They are located 14 kilometres west of Tangier, at Cape Spartel.

The cave has two openings, one to the sea and the other to the land. The opening to the sea is known as the “Map of Africa”, it is believed that the Phoenicians created the opening to the sea which has the shape of Africa when viewed from the sea. There are also marks on the wall in the shape of eyes, which are believed to have been made by the Phoenicians, and which form a map of the region.

Asilah is a small fortified town located in the northwestern part of the Kingdom of Morocco. The history of this city began approximately in the 15th century BC. This was the time when Asilah served as a trading base for the Phoenicians. The city was conquered by the Portuguese in 1471. Today it has become a famous seaside resort.