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Discovery of the heritage of Fez

After breakfast, enjoy a guided tour of the medieval city of Fez. This city was once the capital and one of the four imperial cities of the country. Fez consists of three distinct parts, Fez el Bali which is the oldest part surrounded by a great wall, where there are more than 9000 narrow streets and allies. Fez-Jdid or New Fez, which is home to the Mellah, the Jewish quarter, and the New City, the newest part of Fez created during the French occupation. Fez el Bali is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its medina is the largest in the world. Among its narrow streets and its allies is the oldest university in the world: the University of Al-Karaouiyine, founded in 859 and still functioning today.

Discovery of Volubilis and Meknes

After breakfast, departure to Volubilis via Moulay Idriss; one of the most important spiritual sites in the country and a place of pilgrimage as it is here that the tomb of Moulay Idriss, an eminent Moroccan saint of the late 8th century and great-grandson of the Prophet Mohamed is located. We then continue on to the World Heritage site of Volubilis, which is the largest and best preserved Roman ruin in Morocco, particularly known for its superb mosaic floors.

Continue on to Meknes. After an orientation visit of the Moroccan capital during the reign of Moulay Ismaïl around 1700, you will discover the magnificent Bab Mansour which is considered as the largest gate in Morocco, the mausoleum of Moulay Ismaïl where Sultan Moulay Ismaïl and several members of his family are buried, the huge granary Heri es-Souani that the sultan built for his 12 000 horses, then the medina of Meknes and the el-Hedim square.

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