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Escape To Agafay Desert


Around 5:00 pm, departure from Marrakech by Jeep to the Agafay Desert, some 40 km from Marrakech.

Drive directly by road from the Marrakech airport to the magnificent dunes of the Agafay Desert.

The Agafay Desert is an area about 40 km from Marrakech (35 mn) with a microclimate whose climatic conditions are similar to those of the Sahara, hence the name desert. Here no sand dune but a mineral desert with a restful relief and especially the Atlas Mountains in the background offering a breathtaking panorama.

Agafay is a vast arid region with white undulations, spread over hundreds of hectares. Their appearance is reminiscent of sand dunes, in the form of a succession of whitish hills. A unique place whose magical images you will keep for life.

On arrival, you will be offered a welcome Moroccan tea before leaving for a camel ride that will take you to the top of the hill. From this location you can admire the magnificent desert sunset.

Your dinner will be served in a nomad tent. You will enjoy a local meal, listening to the silence of the desert by starlight and candlelight.

After dinner, you have the choice between returning to Marrakech or spending the night in tents.

In the morning, a tasty breakfast will be served before returning to Marrakech.